Ray DonovanThose Donovans, they aren't the establishment types.

The trailer for season 3 of "Ray Donovan" demonstrates that to be true for both the titular Hollywood fixer (Liev Schreiber) and his ex-con dad (Jon Voight), as they both go about their different ways of breaking the rules.

The trailer introduces the new characters played by Ian McShane and Katie Holmes for the major storyline of the season. McShane is Malcolm Finney, a billionaire movie producer who hires Ray to keep an eye on his kids while he retires and settles his affairs. Holmes is Malcolm's daughter, and a tough, cutthroat businesswoman who makes Ray her own deal — one he's mightily tempted by.

The other major storyline of the season features Ray's brother, Terry (Eddie Marsan), in prison. Both Ray and his dad want to get Terry out; the question is, whose tactics will serve Terry better?

Season 3 of "Ray Donovan" premieres July 12, along with "Masters of Sex."

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