If you're like us and value your sleep, you probably nodded off into your Ambien dreamland before the party started on post-prime time TV. Don't worry; we've got you covered. Here's the best of what happened last night on late night.

Seth MacFarlane is already known for his impressive vocal talents, so of course the "Family Guy" creator and "Ted 2" director was awesome at Jimmy Fallon's "Wheel of Impressions." Just watch him discuss Time Warner Cable as Liam Neeson (he has a very particular set of channels...), then take on Starbucks as Bobcat Goldthwait, and chat about movies as Ray Romano. All Bobcat impressions are gold, since there's almost no way to miss with that. Of course, these things are never random -- Seth already showed off his Liam impression in Moviefone's Unscripted last year, so they let him do it again.
In his own sit-down interview, Seth discussed how his father, a folk singer, could've been on the "Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson back in the 1970s but declined because he didn't want to "sell out." But Seth's dad was in the studio audience Monday night, so Jimmy said, technically, he did go on the show. Seth kept looking over to his dad in the audience, especially when discussing how his parents once told him it'll be normal for him to want to try drugs so they just asked that he do it in the house. Seth said he didn't smoke pot for the first time until he was 28, but there was one Thanksgiving when he and his sister brought pot into the house and the family smoked it together. A bonding moment!
Ashley Tisdale and Andy Richter cleared the air on "Conan" after their (adorable?) mini Twitter feud. The former Disney star now shoots "Clipped" on their studio lot, and Andy called her out on Twitter for a bad parking job. Ashley took a lot of heat for the photo Andy shared, and it turns out it wasn't even her car -- it was her co-star George Wendt's car. She parked in the "Cheers" alum's spot for some reason and he parked in hers. Andy felt bad when he realized it wasn't really Ashley's car, until he realized George parked there because Ashley took his spot. "Ashley parks wherever Ashley wants to park regardless of the names on the spot." Conan defended Ashley: "Andy wanders the lot like a stuck-up librarian looking for trouble." Andy said Ashley doesn't get it half as bad as those Pretty Little Liars -- "I'm always up their butts." (!) Judd Apatow was on "Conan" and dished on his 18-year marriage to Leslie Mann. What's the secret? It's not sex. He said he's not that good. "I'm always walking the line between impotence and premature ejaculation. The whole time. And I could go either way, you don't know which way I'm going to go, that's the fun part." That led into his theory that male porn stars seem stressed out.
Maya Rudolph told Seth Meyers she gets comments every day about Rachel Dolezal. People think she should play her in "Saturday Night Live" sketches. SNL isn't even airing right now, and Maya isn't part of the cast anymore, but if she were still on the show she'd probably be taking on that role. So they aired a clip of the real Rachel dodging a reporter's question and then Maya put on a wig and did her version. Not really that funny, but yeah this is the kind of thing SNL would be having fun with if it were in season.
Joe Manganiello talked about making "Magic Mike XXL" and the real-life documentary on male strippers. It doesn't sound that hot to shoot the same stripping scene over and over for four hours, just for 3 minutes of footage.
Andre Iguodala, NBA Finals MVP, was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and discussed his journey to MVP, what it's like to guard LeBron James, and his son's sweet trophy gift.
'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Andre Iguodala On Becoming MVP and Guarding LeBron

Chris Tucker was on JKL too and talked about his Father's Day gift from his son; he spent the day watching "Good Times" with his family. Apparently Jimmy is a big "Good Times" fan as well. Alexander Hamilton visited Jimmy from the beyond to complain about his replacement on the $10 bill. Except it wasn't Hamilton, it was just a random dude from the 1700s who hates women. "It's the dollar BILL not the dollar JILL!"Every year, Jimmy Kimmel does a YouTube Challenge, and this year he asked viewers to serve their fathers breakfast in the shower for Father's Day. So many eggs thrown at these dads! They are all regretting having kids now.

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