If you're like us and value your sleep, you probably nodded off into your Ambien dreamland before the party started on post-prime time TV. Don't worry; we've got you covered. Here's the best of what happened last night on late night.

What does "Magic Mike" mean to an 8-year-old? It's time to find out, in the most adorable way possible. Channing Tatum was on "The Tonight Show" and he and Jimmy Fallon re-enacted scenes from Chan's movie, "Magic Mike XXL." The catch, though, was that the scenes were not from the male stripper movie, it was another round of Kid Theater, where kids were just given the name "Magic Mike" and asked to write scenes on the topic. Interestingly enough, even innocent magic references are loaded with "pumping" and "blow" sexual innuendo. Are these scenes ever really written by children or just childish adults?
Channing also shared a story from the "Magic Mike XXL" set. When they were shooting the finale, Joe Manganiello ripped his bicep but kept going 'cause they didn't really know what happened. Beast mode!
Lizzy Caplan and Jon Hamm were both on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and it unexpectedly turned into magic. Side note: There was a whole Gummy Bear theme, with Jon throwing a bears into Jimmy's mouth. Watch that first:
Then Lizzy came out for her interview, chewing a Gummy for a while before she spit it out into Jimmy's hand -- and Jimmy ate it. (Gross!) Lizzy said, since she was the second guest, she understood that it implied that she was less famous than Jon and he's better than her - but she could prove that he was not better than her. Jon ran back out on stage for another Gummy Bear and Lizzy had him stay next to her for the rest of the story. Lizzy and Jon first met 10 years ago when they were shooting a pilot for the WB. One of them got fired. Jon: "Spoiler alert ... it wasn't Lizzy." They just went in a different direction -- they recast his role with an actress who is more often a writer. Lizzy mocked: "He was the guy on a girl WB show and he still got fired -- that's not easy!" Poor Jon. At least he landed on his feet. And at least he's ridiculously good-looking. That can't hurt.
'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Lizzy Caplan Says She's Better Than Jon Hamm

After that, with Jon still out there in his own chair, Lizzy talked about all the sex on "Masters of Sex" and how Jimmy's ex-girlfriend (Sarah Silverman) is on the show, having sex with a woman, and there are so many other cross relationships. Jimmy: "That actually upsets me because for years I asked her to have sex with a woman and she said no."
Andy Richter is one of our favorite people to ever exist, so it's always a good night when he gets a showcase. Yesterday he had a Twitter feud with Ashley Tisdale and today he and Lauren Graham were just talking about "Celebrity Jeopardy" buzzer tips when the furniture gave up on Andy. So Conan O'Brien came over to show the broken chair leg. "What kind of sh-tty show is this?!" Andy admitted he broke the couch before, too.
Here are Colin Quinn and Conan appreciating how Boston keeps it real - rude - while New York and L.A. have changed.

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