Harry Potter Play to Hit London Stage Next Year
The day that "Harry Potter" fans have dreamed of for years is finally here: J.K. Rowling announced early Friday morning that there's a new story in the works featuring The Boy Who Lived, and it's set to become a stage play in London next year.

Rowling revealed the news on Twitter, writing that "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" would be a brand-new tale involving an "untold part of Harry's story." Though the author declined to provide any specific details about the play -- other than saying that it is "not a prequel" -- she did say that the work would be "a real treat for fans."

The announcement was timed to the 18th anniversary of the release of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" (a.k.a. "Sorcerer's Stone" to American audiences) in the U.K., which snowballed into a blockbuster seven-book and eight-movie series that has enchanted fans the world over. As for why Rowling didn't just write another "Potter" novel featuring "the Cursed Child," the author said, "I am confident that when audiences see the play they will agree that it was the only proper medium for the story."

Rowling is working with what she called a "dream team" of collaborators on the project: writer Jack Thorne, director John Tiffany, and producer Sonia Friedman. According to BBC News, those creatives previously indicated that the play would focus on Harry's years as orphan living with the Dursleys, as well as life with his parents before they were killed by Voldemort; it's unclear if that's still the direction of "Cursed Child," based on Rowling's comments about the play not being a prequel.

"Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" is slated to open in London's famous West End district at the Palace Theater sometime in the summer of 2016. Tickets are expected to go on sale this fall.

Check out Rowling's full Twitter announcement below, and stay tuned for more intel about "Cursed Child." JK Rowling Hosts Fundraising Event For Charity 'Lumos'[via: J.K. Rowling, BBC News]

Photo credit: Danny E. Martindale/Getty Images

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