On Friday, Jimmy Fallongave fans a scare when he checked into the hospital for emergency surgery on his hand following a mysterious injury. Today, the host is fine, taking to Twitter to reveal that he's recovering comfortably -- and tweeting with one hand -- thanks to a combination of drugs, Jell-O, and excellent medical staff.

Fallon posted a series of updates to Twitter over the past few days, first showing off a big bandage on his left hand, then explaining what happened: He tripped and caught his fall on a nearby table, but his wedding ring latched onto the table and "almost ripped my finger off."

The injury prompted a trip to the emergency room, where Fallon was immediately scheduled for surgery, and checked into the hospital. The Friday taping of "The Tonight Show," which was set to feature Benicio Del Toro and Taylor Kitsch, was cancelled.

Though the comedian joked that he was "drugged" and "blessed," the injury -- and subsequent recovery time -- was apparently severe enough that Fallon was still in the hospital on Monday. Still, he remained in good humor, tweeting that things were "looking great," and giving a shout-out to "these great doctors and nurses and Jello."

We're glad Fallon is almost back on his feet, and keeping his spirits high. "The Tonight Show" is now on a two-week hiatus (planned before Fallon's injury), but we expect some sort of reference to the incident once the host returns to the airwaves.

[via: Jimmy Fallon]

Photo credit: Getty Images for "The Tonight Show"