Paper Towns Exclusive - I Need to Borrow Your Car
Cara Delevingne has nine things to do -- and only Nat Wolff can help her in this exclusive clip from "Paper Towns."

"Paper Towns" is based on the YA novel by John Green, who also wrote "The Fault in Our Stars." Like the latter, the story centers on the friendship between a teen guy and teen girl. In this case, Wolff plays Q (short for Quentin), with Delevingne as his former childhood friend, Margo. They've grown apart in high school, but then Margo comes climbing in through Q's window late at night with a request.

"I need to borrow your car," she declares. Well, his mom's car. And more than that -- "Also, I need you to drive the car because I have nine things I need to do tonight and more than half of them require a getaway driver."

And is her boyfriend on this list of nine problems Margo needs to address? Watch the clip to see what she says!

"Paper Towns" opens in theaters July 24.
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Paper Towns
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