Hasta la vista, tough guys! As we approach the July 4th holiday weekend, Hollywood is keeping a close watch on the five-day domestic box office. "Magic Mike XXL" and "Terminator Genisys" just opened, but they were both beat on Thursday by Disney/Pixar's "Inside Out" and also the dino-mite power of "Jurassic World."

According to Variety, "Inside Out" earned $7.7 million on July 2, making its North American total, to date, $216.1 million. "Jurassic World" was not too far behind with $6.9 million, adding to its whopping $527.2 million domestic total.

"Terminator Genisys" was right on the dinosaur's tail, earning $6.5 million to give it a $15.4 million domestic total so far. The "Magic Mike" sequel only had $5.7 million, giving it just over $15 million so far, but since that one only cost about $14.8 million to make, it's not that big a deal if it doesn't have a huge opening weekend. "Terminator," though. That one cost around $155 million and Variety said it's on pace to fall $10 million short of the $55 million goal the studio had for the five-day opening weekend (Wednesday-Sunday). However, the "Terminator" reboot should get a boost overseas, and it's about to open in 60 percent of international markets over the weekend, so don't cry too hard for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yet.

Are you surprised that "Inside Out" and "Jurassic World" still seem to be more popular than "Terminator" and "Magic Mike" or does that just make sense, since family friendly films reach a wider audience?

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