Honest Trailers - Iron Man
Well! Someone woke up on the wrong side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe today. Screen Junkies just issued a new Honest Trailer for Robert Downey Jr.'s original "Iron Man," the "Marvel masterpiece that started it all" and, without which, would leave "Hollywood in the terrifying position of having to develop something original." (True enough.)

As they mock:

From the company that went bankrupt in the '90s and sold off the rights to its most popular characters comes a film based on the equivalent of leftover scrap metal, proving that Marvel can build a franchise around just about anybody ... except The Hulk."

Poor Hulk! He's already been trashed in his own separate trailer.

Screen Junkies continued:

Experience the massive success that Marvel turned into a formula for printing money, where you take a half-forgotten, B-list superhero, cast an unknown or half-forgotten B-list actor, have him fight a generic villain that will only last one movie, fall in love with a generically strong female character, make a ton of quips, talk a bunch of science, destroy some public property, cram Stan Lee in there somewhere, have a blue beam shoot up in the sky, set up an Avengers movie, and force the audience to sit through 500 visual effects' guys ' names just to catch a few extra seconds."

They're not wrong! But we're also not complaining, since "Iron Man" is one of the better movies to get an Honest Trailer takedown -- as opposed to super easy targets like "Daredevil" and "Leprechaun." The best part of this trailer? It's not the RDJ disses, it's Terrence Howard's billing as "Terrence How Ard Could It Have Been to Take a Pay Cut For the Sequels?"

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