mad men

The incredible show "Mad Men"ended almost two months ago and, honestly, I think I'm going through withdrawal. The show, filled with domestic tensions and drama in every episode, followed the life of the charming, powerful, mysterious Don Draper. Right from the beginning of the show, it's obvious that Draper is far from faithful to the women in his life. Within the seven seasons of the show, he hooks up with countless women, and usually during a time when he is already married. Now, I'm not going to list every single woman Draper ever hooked up with (this is an article, not a novel), but here are some of the more memorable ones.


1. Betty Draper/Betty Francis

Obviously, it would be an injustice if Betty wasn't leading this list. She is Don's first wife, and the mother to his children. While married to Don, she was deeply unhappy what with having to be the perfect American house-wife and dealing with Don's secrets and lies. At the start of the show, I loved Betty. She was loyal to Don, decent to her children, and always looked perfect from head to toe. As the show continues, it becomes obvious that she is moody, cruel to her children, and overall childish in the way she acts. In the end she leaves Don (which was the best thing for both of them) and she ends up marrying Henry Francis and finds happiness with him.

2. Rachel Menken

Rachel is probably in my top two favorites of all the women Don has been with. She is beautiful, independent, and runs a Jewish department store. She also displays more levelheadedness and strength than most of the other women Don was with by always thinking logically about their relationship. She knew nothing real could ever happen because he was married, and when he suggested they should run away together she said no. Her life, career, and family were more important to her.

3. Suzanne Farrell

Suzanne is the other of my top two women on this list. I loved her character, although her ending was disappointing. Suzanne is the sweet, cheerful schoolteacher of Don's children. Although she denies his advances at the beginning of their relationship, she eventually gave in to Don's aggressive charms. They see each other for a while, and she ends up truly caring for Don. Their ending was abrupt, however, when Betty finally confronts Don while Suzanne waits in the car for him until dark. She finally leaves the car and with that, their relationship ended.

4. Faye Miller

Faye worked with Don and his company. She was smart, and knew how to talk to people. After working together for a while, they began dating. Their relationship was one of the more mature and trusting ones in the series. She believes in him and cares for him, but inevitably has her heart broken by way of a phone call from Don telling her he was engaged to his secretary.

5. Megan Draper

Megan is the young, beautiful, spirited secretary-turned-wife of Don Draper. After seeing each other for a short while, Don abruptly proposes to her in California and she accepts. Their marriage seems strong towards the beginning, but deteriorates quickly. Megan leaves advertising to pursue acting, Don starts cheating on her, and Megan ends up moving to California for her career. She was no match for Don Draper, and seems to be in over her head dealing with Don's temper, his children, and his lack of understanding towards her decision to become an actress.

6. Sylvia Rosen

Sylvia is Don and Megan's neighbor, and the first woman that we know of whom he cheated on Megan with. Despite her cheating on her husband (a man who considers Don a friend), Sylvia is constantly conflicted with her feelings for Don and her strong sense of right and wrong. She ends their relationship for a while, which is when we learn how much Don has come to rely on her affections. He is distraught without her, and stands outside her door all night smoking. They see each other one more time after that, but Don's daughter Sally walks in on them, ending Sylvia and Don's relationship and seriously damaging his with Sally.

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