Ant-Man EXCLUSIVE - Ant on the Run
The dance floor is a dangerous place -- especially if you're the size of an ant, as Paul Rudd is in this exclusive clip from Marvel's "Ant-Man."

Rudd's petty thief Scott Lang is wearing the suit he stole from Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), and he's discovering just how tough life is when you're tiny. His first challenge on his wild, ant-sized adventure? A record player. Scott tries to hang on as the record spins and spins and spins ... but it throws him out into the dance floor, where every stomp, twirl, and twerk could squash him out of existence.

And even when he manages to evade all of those giant feet, he's thrown into a completely new setting with an even more dangerous foe -- a vacuum cleaner!

It's an exhilarating sequence that gives us a taste of how much fun "Ant-Man" might be. Seeing everyday things, like plastic cups and Lego, from the prospective of an ant is pretty impressive. And the enemies are not so much aliens and monsters, but innocuous stuff, like a sharp record needle or -- as seen in this earlier clip from the movie -- a bathtub.

"Ant-Man" opens in theaters July 17.

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