Sherlock and Watson will be home for Christmas! And Mrs. Hudson will be there to welcome them back.

Yesterday, we saw the first official image from the upcoming "Sherlock" Christmas special, which featured stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in Victorian garb. Now, "Sherlock" fans get an even bigger treat in the form of a clip from the special, which played at the show's Comic-Con panel.

In the clip, the dynamic duo returns home after solving a case, to the great surprise of Mrs. Hudson, who wasn't expecting them. "That's the trouble with dismembered country squires; they're notoriously difficult to schedule," Sherlock observes wryly. As they settle in at home, Mrs. Hudson confesses she's not a big fan of Watson's writing, and Watson reveals just why he grew that substantial mustache.

In the panel, co-creator Steven Moffat called the Victorian-era special "one of the best" they've made, and announced that it would play in select movie theaters. "Sherlock" on the big screen ... YASSS!

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