Han Solo. R2-D2. And a full-sized Millennium Falcon. My emotions!

The Force -- and all the feels -- were strong with Hall H today at Comic-Con, when J.J. Abrams screened new behind-the-scenes footage from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

The director and cowriter of "Episode VII" was joined by the cast of both the new trilogy, and the original one, to peel back the curtain on how big and "old school" of a production the film is.

"We wanted to put together a piece that would bring you into the process," Abrams said, moments before unveiling a reel full of alien creatures, on-set explosions, a downed TIE Fighter and more.

The new "Force Awakens" trailer hits theaters this fall. Watch the video below and weep.

"Star Wars" opens December 18.