Claimed! "The Walking Dead" Season 6 Comic-Con trailer just made its official debut today (Friday, July 10) at San Diego Comic-Con. A slightly shorter version was leaked online last night, but the full trailer has an extra 30 seconds a the start, before Enid walks through the gate, extending the footage to more than 4 minutes. That super-size length is perfect for the Season 6 premiere, which was announced to be 90 minutes, starting Sunday, October 11 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Here's the full trailer:

The trailer certainly leaves us with a lot of questions. Will almost everyone be against Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) this season, including his two BFFs? We figured Mr. All Life Is Precious Morgan Jones (Lennie James) might have concerns about The Ricktator's kill-or-die strategy -- and the trailer includes Morgan's voice saying, "I know Rick, I can stop him" -- but it looks like maybe Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) could disagree with Rick too. Probably not really though, since the trailers are always misleading, with quotes moved around and visuals definitely positioned to send us down the wrong path.

This trailer not only focuses on Team Rick vs. Team Alexandria, it also ends with Daryl appearing to be in danger. But that's probably more trolling to get the Daryl fans in a tizzy. But who ties up Daryl and points a gun at him, demanding that he not say sh-t or he'll be killed? One of The Wolves or a different threat, since that particular guy did not have a "W"? (Some fans seem to think this guy is Kirk, a new character announced for this season. Didn't see much of Heath, though.)

*Warning: Walking Dead comic book spoilers referenced ahead*

Who is Rick pointing a gun at in his "Do you have any idea who you're talking to" speech? In the comic book, that speech -- which ends with a great "united we stand" rally -- was from Rick to Nicholas in Issues 89-90, when Nicholas says everything was fine before Rick showed up, then pulls a gun on Glenn, Maggie and everyone in his anti-Rick rant. But the TV show has already given Nicholas a different Glenn storyline, so would they also add this to his pile? If so, it may just make Glenn look worse for letting Nicholas continue to live. The trailer wants to make it seem like Rick is pointing his gun at Morgan, and they seem to want us to think Deanna Monroe is pushing for Morgan to take charge instead of Rick, but Rick and Morgan will probably end up on the same side, with Rick as leader. If they don't give this exact gun-in-face moment to Nicholas, could they remix it with someone else?

Several shots (including Jessie hiding) also suggest a massive herd attack on Alexandria, which would fit with the comic book storyline -- unlike the Morgan vs. Rick stuff. In the comic, after a standoff with The Scavengers (The Wolves seem like a TV remix) at the Alexandria gate, the noise draws a huge group of walkers and the Alexandria Safe-Zone is breached. By that point, Rick was fully in charge, with the leader (Douglas Monroe in the comics) going a bit mad. The TV show has changed so much -- not only with Deanna losing both her husband and one of her sons, but also with the new twist of adding Zen Morgan to the mix -- that it's hard to know what might happen. (Will Carl still lose an eye or not?) There were shots of Enid in there, so we might get her backstory, along with whatever is happening outside the wall with Daryl. Neither Enid nor Daryl is even in the comic book, so they could do anything.

A ton of stuff will be coming out at Comic-Con, but here's a portion of showrunner Scott Gimple's vague Q&A with Entertainment Weekly:

Should we assume, then, that there are some other threats in season 6 in addition to the Wolves?

There are multiple threats, even in the first half of the season. And sort of different versions of threats we've seen before. The first three episodes are quite intense, and the cast and crew are — we just shot them out of a cannon directly into another cannon that we shot them out of again. The first three episodes are — we say every year, "Ah, it's so crazy" and everything, and it has been crazy — but the first three episodes this year and the things that we're doing are very big and very difficult, and we're pushing people hard, and in some ways I think we're going to be pushing the audience hard. I'm pretty excited and terrified about it.

"Walking Dead" trailers traditionally include footage from up to the first 5-6 episodes, since they are still filming the season and they usually get through the epic Episode 8 midseason finale in August. We're now extra excited for those first three episodes, as well as the rest of the 16-ep season. Are you pumped?

"The Walking Dead" Season 6 starts Sunday, October 11 on AMC, with a 90-minute premiere.

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