Comic-Con audiences tend to gush over everything, but they REALLY loved the new "Deadpool" trailer.

Fans have been promised "a hard R" from the Ryan Reynolds superhero movie, and the trailer features plenty of dirty language, a sex scene, action sequences, an avocado reference and ... "Shoop." Yes. According to Variety, the trailer is supposed to premiere online this week, but if you can't wait, you can watch a bootleg version shot in the theater and leaked by a fan.

The trailer got a standing ovation during the "Deadpool" panel Saturday night, along with chants of "One more time!" So they played it again in an encore. Based on the footage, it looks like the encore version is the one that got leaked.

"Deadpool" is scheduled for release February 12, 2016, so there's plenty of time for more footage to drop. Are you happy with what you've seen so far?

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