Tom Hiddleston's new role in "Crimson Peak" just might give Loki a run for his money.

The actor, best known as the fan-favorite villain from "Marvel's The Avengers," joined director Guillermo del Toro at Comic-Con this weekend to promote their new gothic horror romance, which finds Hiddleston's character, Thomas, exploring territory so dark (and sexy) that it would make Thor's (adopted) brother blush.

"I play the tall, dark stranger of [this] gothic romance," Hiddleston told Moviefone Contributing Editor Jessica Wedemeyer in our exclusive interview. "Essentially, it's driven by two very powerful forces in life, which are sex and death."

Hiddleston also stressed that while the haunted house thriller has a "very pronounced" sexuality, the film doesn't disappoint in the scares department.

"The film's gothic element is very much about ghosts and the supernatural. So the house holds secrets -- it's a very old house -- the same way that people hold secrets. We all are defined by our pasts, and the house is very much a major character in that regard. The house is defined by what the house has lived through, what the house has seen, the secrets the house holds -- and they are terribly frightening."

The only thing more frightening is how dedicated Hiddleston's screaming fanbase is to the actor's projects. His "Crimson Peak" director (jokingly) argued at Comic-Con that they would remain loyal to the actor "even if they found out he was grinding up puppies in a back alley."

"On the record, I'd like to say I've never ground a puppy," Hiddleston said. "I think people would [find that to be a] legitimately objectionable thing to do -- and I would be no fan of myself."

All kidding aside, the actor is very mindful -- and grateful -- of the care space that audiences have made for him.

"Honestly, I'm still so amazed and flattered that I have fans. It's not something that I ever thought would happen to me. I continue to be astonished by the whole thing -- but delighted at the same time."

Hiddleston's fans can't wait to see his new movie, which hits theaters Oct. 16.

Watch the trailer below.
Crimson Peak- Trailer No. 1