What a show! Both "Lip Sync Battle" -- and by A-games we mean they both channeled their feminine sides and also played dress-up in ridiculous outfits. They sold their performances. But many fans -- even people who would never dream of defending Justin Bieber -- think he may have been robbed of a win. Not that Deion slacked, especially in his "Like a Virgin" crawl. That was magic. But JB completely committed to his Ozzy impression in "Crazy Train" and pulled a 180 for a cheeky but heartfelt rendition of Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry." Ozzy vs. Madonna was a close one, but when JB put on his "Big Girl" pants, he slayed Deion's "Play That Funky Music." The Biebs deserved to win just for the stones to open with that "surprise song," as host LL Cool J put it.

Watch all four performances and decide who you think should've won. Congrats to Deion, but we would've gone the other way. Then again, maybe losing at LSB is the kind of thing that will just help Justin's reputation. A lot of commenting fans seem to think he did a great job and should've won. Now, maybe, instead of being seen as a spoiled brat, he's the unappreciated underdog.

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