Kit-14  Ron Weasley  (RUPERT GRINT) and Harry Potter (DANIEL RADCLIFFE) arrive late to class in Warner Bros. Pictures� family adventure film "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer�s Stone." It's expensive to be a kid -- even a magical one like Harry Potter. Those supply lists and new robes always set the Weasleys back, and there's that long train trip from London to Hogwarts. Then at Hogwarts itself, even with House Elves doing all the grunt work, the teachers have to get paid, right? They must have to charge a tuition, at least for rich families like the Malfoys, no?

Apparently "no" is right. Mic did a story calculating how much it would cost to attend Hogwarts, based on the price of tuition for British schools. Maybe this is "hypothetical" to Muggles, but it's super important information if your kid ends up getting one of those letters. After the story came out, a fan tweeted to J.K. Rowling that she and her friend were debating the cost of Hogwarts tuition. So the queen shared an official ruling:

But where does The Ministry of Magic get the money -- wizard taxes? How much do they have to pay per student? Exactly what is covered? Rita Skeeter cannot be trusted to get to the bottom of this kind of thing, but Hermione Granger should be following the money so parents know what to expect.

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