The Good Dinosaur - Trailer No. 2
We're all familiar with the stories of a boy and his dog and their fun adventures. But what if, millions and millions of years ago, a huge asteroid had missed Earth — and dinosaurs had never become extinct?

Well, those adventures might've been had by a boy and his dinosaur, just like in the new trailer for Pixar's "Good Dinosaur."The first teaser trailer introduced us to Arlo, the youngest of his Apatosaurus family, but we only got a brief glimpse at his new friend, Jack, a 7-year-old human caveman.

The new trailer shows us a lot more of Jack, who befriends Arlo by helping him retrieve a particularly high leafy treat. The two then embark on an adventure together, filled with beautiful vistas, difficult terrain, and dangerous foes, like a poisonous snake.

"The Good Dinosaur" has been in the works at Pixar for years, and appeared to be in some trouble. The studio turned it around, though, and the result looks like a sweet, minimalistic affair — maybe more in the vein of "A Bug's Life" and the beginning of "WALL-E" than their more recent films.

"The Good Dinosaur" opens Nov. 25.

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