Watch theSneaky PeteLiar, liar ... Giovanni Ribisi's pants are on fire in this new trailer for "Sneaky Pete," a drama pilot that will debut on Amazon this Friday.

"Sneaky Pete" is a drama co-created by "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston and "House" creator David Shore. It stars Ribisi as a con man who steals his cellmate Pete's identity when he gets out of prison. He shows up at Pete's grandparents' home and starts working for their bail bond business.

Watch the trailer.

Cranston himself shows up as a menacing, but "reasonable" man who demands "Pete" pay him money within seven days. Margo Martindale also stars as Pete's grandma.

The pilot will stream on Amazon Prime Instant, where viewers can vote on whether it should be made into a full series. With such a great cast and an interesting set-up, it's hard to see "Sneaky Pete" not getting the greenlight.

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