Honest Trailers - Fantastic Four (2005)
Why is it that no one can successfully adapt "Fantastic Four"? Screen Junkies tackles the question in its latest Honest Trailer, this time focusing on the 2005 movie "Fantastic Four" and the sequel "Rise of the Silver Surfer," in advance of the new "Fantastic Four" reboot. "Before you see the third and hopefully final attempt to launch the Fantastic Four, relive the original two disappointments who gave their lives so that Chris Evans could be free to play a decent Captain America."

Some excellent points are made in the trailer, including how the F4 use their powers for the most pedestrian of reasons -- like skin care and fitting luggage overhead on a plane -- leading to the nickname "Craptastic Bore." However, the best part of the commentary (besides the Andrea from "Walking Dead" line) is toward the end, when they question why so many people are upset by the casting of Michael B. Jordan as a new black Johnny Storm with a white sister (Kate Mara), when no one said a word when they, uh, blonde-ified (half-Mexican) Jessica Alba opposite on-screen brother Chris Evans: "Make a Mexican woman put on a blonde wig and blue contacts to play Sue Storm and no one bats and eye. Cast a black guy as The Human Torch and everyone loses their minds!"

Of course, that trailer line just led to more debate in the video's comments about race, ethnicity, casting and comic book character fidelity. At least people are talking about "Fantastic Four" ... even if it remains to be seen if they'll pay to watch it on screen.

Watch the trailer.

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