Kylie and Fantastic Four

Miles Teller (L), Jamie Bell, Kylie Mar and Michael B. Jordan

Surprise! I'm actually the Invisible Woman in the new "Fantastic Four" movie!

Okay, I'm just kidding (Kate Mara has that role). But last weekend I flew to New York and hung out with the guys from the reimagined "Fantastic Four" before our interview started!


A moment like this rarely happens, but it's a really nice icebreaker. Michael B. Jordan (Human Torch) and I actually share a lot of mutual friends, so that also helped create an easy mood and conversation right off the bat with the guys.

As soon as I sat down, Miles Teller (Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic) was immediately hounding me with questions. Playfully, he was asking me what I thought about the movie: If I thought the final fight sequence should have been shorter or longer and what I thought about Victor Von Doom (Toby Kebbell) in this film. I gave him my honest answers, which clearly proved I wasn't just there to sweet-talk them or suck up to them. I think they liked that.

I had actually told Miles about my experience watching the original film 10 years ago, and why I liked it so much. Miles told me he never saw the original film! When I interviewed the four of them, I really wanted to know what they wanted to do differently with this film, BECAUSE of the fact that there were already two films established 10 years ago. Assuming that they had seen the original(s), would the original cast's characters and performances affect their take on their roles? Watch the interview to find out.

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