"Norm of The North" is the latest movie to remind humans that we are indeed the worst. This time the message comes via a fun animated comedy about an outcast polar bear (voiced by Rob Schneider) named Norm who heads to NYC with three lemming friends to try and stop humans from building luxury condos and shopping malls in the Arctic.

Sweet Norm doesn't fit in up north, since he's not much of a hunter, and he's also a bear out of water in the Big Apple. But he finds his calling on this mission to prevent tourists (from Florida - shudder!) from moving to the Arctic. And it looks like not all humans are awful, since Norm does make a friend who tries to help him.

The trailer is adorkably funny, and if this family film does well, expect to see those lemmings all over the place in their own toys and franchise. (Will they be -- "wait for it" -- the new Minions?)

"Norm of the North" is scheduled for release January 15, 2016.
Norm of the North - Trailer No. 1

Watch the trailer.

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Norm of the North Movie Poster
Norm of the North
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Norm (Rob Schneider) the polar bear doesn't know how to hunt, but he does possess the unique ability... Read More