Big Hero 6 BedSweet dreams are made of this "Big Hero 6" Baymax bed.

This giant, 7-foot-5-inch cushion is sold exclusively on the Japanese commerce site DeNA, and retails for 53,000 yen (or about $431). It's made of plush, luxury cotton, and hand-tailored to order. Totally worth it, right? Wonder how much shipping would cost from Japan?

For a similar, not-quite-as-big Baymax bed, you can buy one on Amazon for $360. It's about 6-foot-5 by 5-foot-9.

If a Baymax bed is a little too much, you could also get this plush Baymax pillow, or this Baymax neck pillow for that long plane ride. And while you're shopping, there's this night light, this backpack, this purse, and this iPhone cover.

We want all the Baymax!

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