"Prison Break" fans were excited to hear about the limited series sequel in the works at Fox, but one big question was left hanging over the revival.


How, exactly, was Wentworth Miller going to return as main character Michael Scofield when Michael died in the two-hour TV movie finale? Well, without giving away any spoilers, Dominic Purcell, who is returning as Michael's brother Lincoln, told E! News, "I know that we're starting from where we left off on the show. I know that story but I can't tell you what it is. It's really exciting though. It will make sense for the fans."

By "show," does he mean where the show ended in 2009 including the TV movie finale or before the finale? For now, we have to assume they'll show us that Michael did not actually die, maybe in some Bourne-level deception where it seemed like he was dead but there's more to the story. But we'll see. Dominic wouldn't share any plot teasers but he did tell E! that "There's a lot of traveling involved, that's all I can say." OK, that does sound Bourne-ish -- not to unnecessarily make this about Jason Bourne but, you know, that wouldn't be a bad thing.

The same but he's dead! question was asked by a fan to TVLine:

Question: I'm excited for the new Prison Break series, but I still don't quite understand how they're going to get around the fact that Michael is dead. Any insight? —Ed

Ausiello: According to star Dominic Purcell, "When you see it, it makes perfect sense... It's justified."

As long as it makes sense we'll roll with it. And heck, even if it comes off as a stretch it's not like we'll stop watching. "Prison Break," "24," "Mission: Impossible," the "Bourne" movies -- sometimes you have to suspend disbelief to enjoy the ride. Here's Dominic talking more to E! about "Prison Break":

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