jim carrey, wolverine, jim carrey impersonates hugh jackmanSometimes, celebrities can share too much on social media. Sometimes, they share just the right amount. Hugh Jackman and Jim Carrey fell into the latter camp this week with a random, yet completely hilarious, attempt at impersonating two of each other's most beloved characters.

The shenanigans started a few days ago when Jackman uploaded a Dubsmash video of himself uttering Carrey's famous "Smokin'!" line from "The Mask," nailing the comedian's rubbery facial expression with wide eyes, raised eyebrows, and a devilish grin. Jackman's post got plenty of love from fans, but it was Carrey's response the following day that made things truly amazing.

#JimCarrey mate trying my best to do justice! Clearly, I should stay in my own lane.

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Though he didn't share a video, Carrey may have one-upped Jackman in the details department, opting to take on Jackman's Wolverine role from the "X-Men" series in a silly, surprisingly accurate photo. What the comedian lacked in sound, he more than made up for in visuals, styling his coif in the perfect Wolverine 'do and brandishing some silverware and a corkscrew to mimic the character's claws. Carrey finished off the look with a menacing growl.

We're not quite sure why this happened, but we love it. Thanks for being weird, internet; never change.

[via: Hugh Jackman, Jim Carrey]

Photo credit: Jim Carrey