"Teen Wolf" was supposed to be a disposable quickie, a cash grab from the distributors of "Valley Girl," eager to catch lightning again with another low-budget teen comedy. (It was shot over just 21 days, for only $1.4 million.)

But it also had the good fortune of starring Michael J. Fox in his first film lead; 'Wolf" was shot before "Back to the Future," but released two months later. When it hit theaters 30 years ago this week, on August 23, 1985, "Teen Wolf" went on to gross $80 million worldwide and spawn a cartoon series, a feature sequel, and an MTV drama series currently going into its sixth season.

The fan-favorite launched the film careers of several actors, though none did as well as Fox. Some eventually left acting behind, though others eventually became beloved stars on TV. Here's what became of key cast members in the years after Scott surfed atop Stiles' van.