Tip: Don't call for room service in "American Horror Story: Hotel," 'cause this guy might come to the door. Yikes.

Nobody teases us like the AHS team, and they just did it again with two very brief, very creepy videos that piqued our interest without telling us much of anything about what's to come. We'll get the keys to this "Hotel" when it premieres on October 7, but here are the new teasers, first shared by Entertainment Weekly:

Was that an under-the-mattress clown strangling we just witnessed? No judgment, just checking.

If you want more intel on the characters and plot of "AHS: Hotel," read all the updates from the TCAs. Here's just one tease, from Ryan Murphy, on Lady Gaga's character: "[Her] is named Elizabeth, and she is a very wealthy social doyenne who is consumed with art and fashion and people. She has a nefarious plan that is revealed in the first episode and will play out during the course of the season." A nefarious plan! Bwahahaha. Excellent. Murphy also said "Hotel" "harkens back to the first season. It's much more rooted in honest, primal fears as the first season was."

Does it all sound (and look) good to you so far?

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