"Supernatural" strength for his fans over the weekend after he was reportedly the victim of a mugging in Minneapolis.

According to various reports, Misha was robbed and physically attacked on Friday when he was in Minnesota for MinnConn. The news came from other convention attendees and speakers, including Richard Speight Jr., who referenced how "a lesser man would have stayed home based on vanity" but Misha still took photos "with a busted face" because he loves the fans so much and didn't want to let them down. The actor himself played down his injuries in a single tweet on the incident.

Check out the social media rundown of what happened, with awe for Misha that he still took photos and signed autographs with fans after being attacked:

It's awful to be victimized like this, but at least Misha has a supportive team of friends and fans behind him. Heal fast!

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