That delicious summer mess called "Bachelor in Paradise" is ending its 2015 season this Sunday, September 6 and Monday, September 7, followed by one last "After Paradise" special with Rosemaster Chris Harrison. We're really going to miss that cute opening pose from Kirk. Not so much all the *drama* and tears.

But speaking of drama and tears (and Kirk), how are things going to end for the Season 2 couples? Paradise has been a revolving door of craziness, but there should only be one more person joining the mix -- beautiful single mom Cassandra Ferguson from Juan Pablo Galavis's season -- and a LOT of people are leaving. Reality Steve posted spoilers on the final two episodes of dates and departures, with scoop on the three couples that elected to stay together, including the one that got engaged.


• According to Steve, when Cassandra arrives, she takes Justin on a horseback riding date. Nick uses the date card that Jaclyn gave him and takes Samantha on a date. Yep, more action for Sammi! Tanner will love commenting on it.

• Here's departure drama. As Steve put it, "During this episode, Jared leaves because he's not feeling it with Ashley I. He left before the cocktail party even happened. Dan also leaves because he's not feeling it with Amber. Juelia also left before the cocktail party since I guess she figured there wasn't anyone left she was interested in. At the cocktail party, Ashley I. then leaves because she doesn't have anyone left and apparently was still pining over Jared not being into her."

What's not clear is if Jared leaves before he and Ashley do ... anything ... in the fantasy suite. She's a virgin and said he might be taking her virginity, so if he rejects her after anything resembling sexy time, it would be especially bad. Maybe that's why everyone is so mad in the finale promo. (See below.) But hopefully they just have a talk and he reiterates that he's not feeling it, since he's been trying to say the words I'm Just Not That Into You all season. Ashley I. tweeted something to that effect, giving us hope that things don't go too far:

Good! Here's that Rose Ceremony breakdown:

• Kirk gives rose to Carly

• Joshua to Tenley

• Tanner to Jade

• Nick to Samantha

• Justin to Cassandra

Steve said Mikey tried to give a rose to Mackenzie but she said no.


According to Steve, there are five couples left when the finale starts:

• Kirk and Carly

• Nick and Samantha

• Justin and Cassandra

• Tanner and Jade

• Joshua and Tenley

They are all told they'll be getting dates and fantasy suites, but -- before any of the dates begin -- Kirk breaks up with Carly and they both go home. (Nooooo!)

Here's how Steve describes the ultimate ending:

On the final day, no previous couples returned to give advice or any bogus stuff like that. Basically, a little altar or platform was set up, each couple would come up to the platform, they'd give their little speech to each other, then give each other roses if they decide to stay together. I do not know in what order it was done, but here were the end results:

Justin and Cassandra stayed together.

Nick and Samantha stayed together.

Joshua and Tenley broke up.

Tanner got engaged to Jade.

The biggest news, obviously, is Tanner and Jade getting engaged, which the promo tries to hide with all of Jade's tears. Sorry to hear about sweet Tenley still not getting her happy ending. But isn't it funny that Samantha ended up with Nick, the dastardly winner of "Bachelor Pad 3," who infamously kept all the money for himself? Maybe they're the perfect match.

Do you think any of those couples will still be together this time next year? Maybe Tanner and Jade will get married on the season premiere of "Bachelor in Paradise 3."

Here's the finale promo, which you can scour for more hints:

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