game of thrones, bobs burgers, lannisterThe internet is a wonderful place, where an idea as silly as drawing the "Game of Thrones" characters in the style of the "Bob's Burgers" characters is not only possible, but somehow incredibly awesome, too.

That's just what Imgur artist CarlosDanger101 did, illustrating an impressive array of almost every single character from the sprawling world of Westeros as if they were employees at Bob Belcher's titular shop. In his post on the image-sharing website, the artist explained that it took him about a month to draw all the characters, and his attention to detail shows.

In addition to a large group picture, featuring all the characters mashed into one image, CarlosDanger101 also drew individual family portraits, including the different houses of Westeros. There's little Bran Stark riding on Hodor's back in the House Stark image, and a maniacal-looking King Joffrey wielding a sword among the House Lannister clan, all with "Bob's Burgers"'s signature wide-eyed stares and simple line-drawn look. White Walkers and prostitutes also get their own shout-outs, too.

Check out a few of our favorites below, and view the entire collection here.

game of thrones, bobs burgers[via: CarlosDanger101, h/t Uproxx]

Photo credit: CarlosDanger101