Danny Boyle's lust for life has not waned since "Trainspotting" came out in 1996. A sequel to the edgy Scottish drug movie has been discussed for years now, but the director sounded confident when updating Deadline on "Trainspotting 2."

The original movie, based on Irvine Welsh's novel, was written by John Hodge. Danny Boyle told Deadline that Hodge's script for the sequel is terrific, and said it will be his own next film, depending on the actors' schedules. "All the four main actors want to come back and do it," Boyle said. "Now it is only a matter of getting all their schedules together which is complicated by two of them doing American TV series."

Those "two of them" are apparently Jonny Lee Miller ("Elementary") and Robert Carlyle ("Once Upon a Time"), who were featured in the original along with main star Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner, Kelly Macdonald, and Kevin McKidd, whose character died in the movie. The sequel script is reportedly based on Irving Welsh's book "Porno," his own sequel to "Trainspotting."

Back in 2008, Boyle talked to Moviefone about making the sequel, saying he wanted to wait a while to let the actors (visibly) age the 10 years of the book. Here's what Boyle said in 2008:

Actually, I've got a bit of news on that one. We've had this plan for awhile now to make a film that's generational; how they would be guys now who were clearly and visibly middle aged. Well, what's just happened in Britain is that they're preparing to release a new DVD of [Trainspotting], and they've done a series of interviews for the special features on the DVD ... and good news is all the actors have come back to participate in these interviews. So I think that's a sign that if we do get them looking right, they'll be prepared to do it -- that they're getting to a point where they're thinking, 'Yeah, that could be interesting.' Because everyone will have to be in the right frame of mind in order to do it; they need to age a bit still. I want them to feel different ... and older."

They should be old enough by now, so we just have to wait for the schedules to align. Are you excited to (finally) see this sequel come to be, 20 years after the original?

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