Premiere Of Universal Pictures' "Jurassic World" - Red CarpetLots of kids are returning to classrooms this week, and so is director Colin Trevorrow -- sort of.

On Tuesday, the "Jurassic World" helmer declared on Twitter that he, too, was going "back to school," except that that school happens to be directing, and the project in question is none other than "Star Wars: Episode IX." Trevorrow teased his prep on the flick by snapping a picture of a notebook emblazoned with the Lucasfilm logo, though of course, he didn't reveal any of the secrets that it no doubt holds.

Trevorrow landed the plush gig thanks to his work on "World," and Lucasfilm and parent company Disney are no doubt hoping that some of that movie magic (and money) rubs off on "Episode IX," too. After all, they can't always be second place to dinosaurs on the box office list.

But any excitement that Trevorrow's post elicited of course comes with the knowledge that his flick is still far, far away from release, or even filming. It's not due in theaters until 2019, and we've still got the release of Rian Johnson's "Episode VIII" in 2017 before that.

Oh, and a little movie called "The Force Awakens," which is coming out on December 18, in case you haven't heard. Guess that will just have to do for now.

[via: Colin Trevorrow, h/t Collider]

Photo credit: Getty Images