Michael Ealy isn't a sociopath; he just plays one on the big screen.

"I try to bring a lot of nuisances and subtlety to the role — and accuracy," he tells Made in Hollywood of his role as Carter in "The Perfect Guy." "You know, I'm always trying to be accurate at the end of the day."

Ealy says the movie is meant as entertainment and it's not a documentary on sociopathy, per se, but from what he knows, his portrayal taps into the "reckless" mind of the seemingly perfect guy.

"You're born a sociopath," he says. "You don't choose to be one, because, as a sociopath, you don't have the concept of, like, fear. You can’t even understand what that is, so you’re very reckless."

Knowing what he knows now about sociopathy, Ealy warns: “Be careful of the thrill seekers out there.”

The Perfect Guy

"Trust one, fear the other."
PG-131 hr 40 minSep 11th, 2015