The marketers behind the James Bond franchise must have been reading the recent headlinespredictingwho will take over the 007 title once Daniel Craig hangs up his keys to the Aston Martin, as a new TV spot promoting "Spectre" prominently asks the question: Is Bond finished?

Of course, he's "just getting started," as Craig-as-Bond proceeds to put on a master class in snapping necks, throwing punches, firing guns, and felling helicopters, proving that he's still got what it takes to lead this series for years to come if he's so inclined. The flashy promo also features some cheeky dialogue between Bond and Madeleine Swann (Lea Seydoux), who asks him, pointedly, "Why does a man choose the life of an assassin?"

Again, she could be speaking to Craig himself, though of course, the answer he delivers is pure Bond.

"It was either that or the priesthood," 007 replies, oozing suaveness.

Oh, James. Whether you're Craig, Elba, Hardy, Lewis, or Jackman in the future: never change.

Check out the spot below. "Spectre" is due in theaters in the U.S. on November 6.

Watch the TV spot