Let's get the most obvious one out of the way.

With Arnold Schwarzenegger replacing Donald Trump on "Celebrity Apprentice," destiny seems to dictate that he'll replace "You're fired" with the famous "Terminator 2" line.

1. "Hasta la vista, baby"

But the possibilities don't end there. We also like two more from the original "Terminator."

2. "Nice night for a walk"

And, to add a new element to the show, there's this lesser known line.

3. 'Your clothes, give them to me, now"

If he wants to send them away in style, he could use this line from "Predator."

4. "Get to the chopper"

To tap into all the buzz surrounding Matt Damon's "The Martian," he could do this one from "Total Recall."

5. "Get your a-- to Mars"

And with some variation, there's this "Terminator" classic:

6. "I'll be back ... but you won't"