They're taking over the world!

When "Minions" was first released in the U.S., it made headlines with the second biggest opening for an animated movie, just ahead of "Toy Story 3." Then it became the third animated movie in history to hit $1 billion, after "Toy Story 3" and "Frozen." Now it has surpassed "Toy Story 3" once again by becoming the second biggest animated movie of all time. (Poor Woody and Buzz can't catch a break.)

The latest milestone comes courtesy of ... China! That's the other record it broke. According to Deadline, "Minions" just opened to $20.1 million (125Myuan) in China, which is the biggest opening day for an animated movie in that country. To earn that honor, "Minions" dethroned "Kung Fu Panda 2" with about 50 percent more intake .

As Deadline noted:

The full weekend estimate for Minions internationally is $26.1M in 57 territories for a total of $748.5M. Combined with the U.S. gross of $331.6M, the estimated global take is $1.08B meaning Minions will today pass Toy Story 3's $1.064B to become the second-highest-grossing animated film of all time worldwide."

That "today" was September 13. "Frozen" is still No. 1, overall, with $1.274 billion. And "Inside Out" has yet to open in China (it's coming October 6), so we'll have to see how well that does and where it ends up on the international list.

For now, congrats (again) to "Minions" on achieving world domination.

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