No awards show would be complete without onetime castmates reuniting on the red carpet, and last night at the Emmys, two former "Friends" got together.

The Comeback," LeBlanc for his leading role on "Episodes") bumped into each other while doing interviews. As LeBlanc was chatting with "Entertainment Tonight," he spotted Kudrow walking the red carpet, and beckoned her over to say hello.

The pair adorably complimented each other's ensembles (LeBlanc protectively tried to button a button over Kudrow's cleavage) and congratulated one another on their nominations, gleefully sharing in the other's good fortune as only longtime pals can do. And the twosome revealed to "ET" that LeBlanc was actually the one to tell Kudrow she was up for an Emmy, after texting her his excitement when the nominations were revealed.

It's a sweet moment, and one we're glad we got to witness. Check it out for yourself below.

[via: Entertainment Tonight]

Photo credit: Matt Sayles/Invision/AP