Did the real Lance Armstrong ever say "I'm Lance Armstrong and I will not be brought down"? Or "I have the money and the power to destroy you"? He may as well just twirl a mustache and cackle.

The fallen racing hero certainly comes off as arrogant in a new trailer for "The Program," which features the amazing Ben Foster in the lead role. The movie, directed by Stephen Frears ("High Fidelity," "The Queen"), stars Chris O'Dowd as Irish sports journalist David Walsh, who investigated the too-good-to-be-true story of Lance recovering from cancer only to become superman. Sadly, we now know it was too good to be true and Lance was using performance enhancing drugs, aka he was on "the program," along with other cyclists.

"Lance Armstrong, handsome young inspirer of millions cannot possibly be a cheat," Walsh says at one point. "He's clearly doping and nobody else can see it." Cue trailer shots of Lance privately doping, but repeating in public, "I am the most tested athlete on the face of the planet. ... I have never tested positive for performing enhancing drugs."

The movie is based on Walsh's book "Seven Deadly Sins" and co-stars Dustin Hoffman, Lee Pace and Jesse Plemons ("Breaking Bad"). "The Program" showed at the Toronto Film Festival and now we just have to wait to see when it makes its way from limited release to the rest of us.

Watch the trailer.

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