Stonewall EXCLUSIVE - Into the Streets
The 1969 Stonewall riots in New York City helped usher in the LGBT civil rights movement, and a new film from director Roland Emmerich, "Stonewall," explores the history of that landmark event.

A new featurette about the flick -- which is premiering today exclusively here on Moviefone -- examines both the context of what led to the riots, as well as Emmerich's own motivations for tackling the titular subject on the big screen. Emmerich, who's known more to moviegoers as the man behind big-budget blockbusters like "Independence Day," "The Day After Tomorrow," and "White House Down," explained that it was important for him to tell the story of Stonewall not only because he himself is a gay man, but because he wants to bring a bigger awareness to the fight for LGBT equality, something that is still an issue today.

"These characters are just normal people like everyone else," added actor Vladimir Alexis, who plays the character Cong in the flick.

Check out the featurette above. "Stonewall," which just made its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival, is due in theaters on September 25.stonewall, stonewall clip, roland emmerich
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