Angry Birds movieWe've had to suffer through video game movies since the early '90s, but this is the 2010s, you guys — it's time to upgrade to mobile game movies. And the first of those is "Angry Birds," that game you obsessively played on your iPhone about four years ago.

The first trailer for "Angry Birds" is here, and where it lacks in plot description, it makes up for in celebrity voices. Jason Sudeikis as Red! Danny McBride as Bomb! Bill Hader as a pig! Josh Gad! Maya Ruldolph! Peter Dinklage! Keegan-Michael Key! And many more!

There really is no sense of what the story is for the movie, other than that Red needs anger management therapy, Bomb blows up when he gets agitated, and the pigs come to their island to possibly cause trouble.

"The Angry Birds Movie" hits theaters May 20, 2016.

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