Comment about this story at your own risk. Robert Pattinson may or may not Google it to see what you think about him. He will be judging, since he knows you'll be judging him. The "Twilight" alum is now playing photojournalist Dennis Stock in "Life" and he talked to NME about the paparazzi, press, and attention to his own personal life. He's no longer with Kristen Stewart, but when he started dating FKA Twigs, who is now his fiancée, some fans posted racist comments and insults on her appearance.

As NME noted, Twigs said she was "shocked and disgusted" by the messages and Pattinson weighed in on the world of Internet comments in general.

I was talking to my dad about this and I bet him that if he looked up Nelson Mandela's funeral on YouTube, the first comment would be a racist one. And it was, with like a million upvotes. What I don't get is why. I think it's because most normal people are not commenters – I've never met anyone who's left a comment on anything. It's just demons who live in basements. You have this weird thing where you end up trying to fight against this faceless blob, where the more you hate it, the bigger it gets, because it's all in your head."

So there you go. If you have ever commented on anything -- even a positive comment or one standing up to the racists ('cause we really shouldn't just let mean people own the Internet) -- you are a demon and you live in a basement. (Question: Can you save your soul by moving to the attic?) However, Pattinson added that he still has a "weird compulsion" to Google himself and read comments from these demons. He said it's to "reinforce my negative opinion of myself. I go through periods where I don't do it at all and feel glorious! Then I'll fall back into this pit. It really does affect you, and it all comes from some moron sitting on a comment board. It's always that person who's needling away at you, who you either want to destroy, or convince them to love you."

OK, now the commenters sound like Regina George: you hate her, but you want her to like you. Pattinson should just get ahead of this and start commenting on threads himself -- write posts so negative about this "Robert Pattinson" guy that other commenters feel compelled to defend him. Reverse psychology can sometimes work against trolls.

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