We knew Leonardo DiCaprio was talented, but damn. He travels through time and paints masterpiece too? Never let go indeed.

Everyone make mistakes, but Fox News anchor Shepard Smith made one funny enough to share. Because Leo did not, in fact, give us the Mona Lisa. Smith accidentally credited the modern actor instead of true Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci. Totally understand a quick slip of the tongue, but he seemed to miss his own gaffe and didn't correct it. He jut kept reporting on the research to identify the Mona Lisa model. Someone in the control room probably should've gotten in his ear right away ... but then we wouldn't have this magic.

But let's not be too quick to call him wrong. What if Shepard is the one who's right and it was DiCaprio all along? He got the DeLorean from Marty and Doc and just went through history creating works of art. It's possible.

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