anna paquin, rogue, x-menNot much is known yet about the plot of Channing Tatum's upcoming "X-Men" spinoff flick, "Gambit," including whether or not fellow mutant Rogue will make an appearance. Now, actress Anna Paquin, who plays Rogue in the series, may have an answer.

In a Twitter exchange with fans earlier this week, Paquin was asked point-blank whether or not she will be in "Gambit." Paquin's response? A simple "no."

But when the media ran with that quote, stating definitively that Paquin wouldn't be in the flick, the actress backtracked a bit, updating Twitter once more to clarify that her statement "wasn't a press release" and that she just supplied "the information that I currently have." So does that mean that she will appear in the movie after all?

Maybe, but probably not. SlashFilm has a good analysis of how the films' timelines make it seem unlikely that Paquin would star in "Gambit," because if that flick is set in the 1980s (which is the rumor right now), then Rogue would be only a baby, according to the chronology of the existing movies. That means, obviously, that she can't be a love interest for Tatum's Gambit, like she is in the "X-Men" comic stories; plus, with the addition of Lea Seydoux to the cast as Bella Donna Boudreaux, the love interest angle is already covered.

Of course, the plot for "Gambit" may not be set in stone yet, especially considering the film's behind-the-scenes woes. It has an October 2016 release date, but its director, Rupert Wyatt, just suddenly left the project, and no replacement has been named yet. Production was also pushed from this fall to next March, another sign that the creative side has some issues.

So Paquin-as-Rogue may yet fit into this version of Gambit's story; it's all a bit up in the air at this point. As Paquin herself noted, things may change, so stay tuned.

[via: Anna Paquin, Anna Paquin, h/t SlashFilm]