It's been five years since the release of "The Social Network" (on October 1, 2010), and it still feels like David Fincher was robbed of the Oscar.

His account of the birth pangs of Facebook was a movie about the way we live now, structured in a way that suited its cautionary tale about the elusiveness of truth in a system overstuffed with information. At the Academy Awards, however, Fincher's film went up for Best Picture against "The King's Speech," a perfectly good but thoroughly conventional Oscar-bait movie (British period costume drama, World War II setting, protagonist who triumphs despite a handicap) and lost.

For all the popularity of his movies, Fincher seems doomed to being seen as ahead of his time. His films seem to recognize that we're drowning in more information than we can handle, and he seems bent on forging a visual style and editing rhythm that will help rewire our brains to handle the overload. In honor of the film's fifth anniversary, here's a ranking of every Fincher movie.