Want to make a Gen Xer feel old? Tell 'em that this weekend's Lifetime movie "The Unauthorized Beverly Hills 90210 Story," premiering October 3, is airing one day shy of the 25th anniversary of the debut of "Beverly Hills, 90210." Yep, all those fun-loving, well-to-do, oh-so-earnest sophomores from West Beverly High would be 41 now, which means the actors who played them are all around 50 and are now or soon will be eligible for AARP membership.

"90210" was a groundbreaking teen primetime soap that ran for 10 seasons on Fox, spawned numerous spinoffs (including "Melrose Place" and the 2008-13 "90210" reboot on The CW), opened up the summertime as a season for new episodic TV, sparked a mini-vogue in sideburns. and launched the careers of several teen idols. Now that their youth-icon years are far behind, however, how have the West Beverly alumni fared? Take a look.