Nothing ever stays dead on "Game of Thrones," and that includes the debate about Jon Snow's status. Did he die at the end of Season 5? Will he be alive in Season 6, which premieres next spring? The Powers That Be have insisted Jon did die and is dead, but then interviews and set sightings and stuff come up that makes it seem like Kit Harington will live to fight another day.

Now one of his co-stars is weighing in -- and she didn't just give a casual comment, she was definitive about the fate of Jon Snow. He's dead.

Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) called into "The Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show" in the U.K., and mentioned that she's in the middle of shooting at the moment. Season 6 actually started filming in July, and Maisie said she's "aware of the other storylines" happening around her as "We're given the full script at the beginning of the season." So she knows what happens not only to Arya -- who is now blind, leaving Maisie's own eyes in pain from contact lenses -- but to everyone else.

The radio host asked if she finds that, everywhere she goes, people ask if Jon Snow is alive? She answered, "All the time. People are constantly asking me, and the answer is no. I'm very sorry." But she laughed, so... The host returned to the Jon Snow question several times, at one point saying that Maisie knew the fate of Jon Snow. She said, "Yeah, he's dead." He immediately said, "[Jon] is not dead!" and called her a liar. Maisie responded, "I'm not a liar! I'm very sorry. I would know, of all people, after all. I'm the one that has the script." Later, the host asked her to tap the phone twice if Jon Snow is alive. "I ain't doing nothing," she said.

At the end of the talk, the host said he was looking forward to seeing her and Jon Snow back in action in the new season. Maisie laughed and said, "I think you're going to be a little bit disappointed."

Hmm. A little bit disappointed? Our theory is that Jon Snow did die, but he won't stay dead for long. Will we be disappointed or is she just trying to troll us off the scent?

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