It's a shame AMC only made six episodes for the first season of "Fear the Walking Dead." "The Walking Dead" companion series was just getting good.

The Season 1 finale, "The Good Man," was really good -- action-packed, tense, emotional, surprising, and filled with tons of walkers. One main character was bitten -- Liza (Elizabeth Rodriguez), the ex-wife of Travis (Cliff Curtis) and mother to Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) -- and Travis shot her before she turned. But the season ended on a hopeful note as the group followed enigmatic smooth-talker Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) to his swanky ocean-front digs and prepared to join him on an even swankier yacht.

They went to the coast. They were going on a boat. This is what T-Dog (IronE Singleton) always wanted on "The Walking Dead."

You may recall how that Atlanta character occasionally brought up the idea of heading east to the coast. He was always shot down, and the group ended up at the prison, where T-Dog had a heroic death in Season 3. If only he had been with this Los Angeles group. They went west to the Pacific coast and now we get to see how that works.

There's no saying it's a better plan, and showrunner Dave Erickson even teased some Season 2 drama on "Talking Dead." He said we don't know who is already on that fancy boat, and who else might want to get out there besides our group. Also, if someone dies out there, the whole boat is basically a walker/infected prison. And we saw how this (didn't) work in "Dawn of the Dead" when they ran out of food and water and had to dock somewhere for supplies and were immediately besieged by zombies. Will that happen with this group?

It's just exciting to finally be able to see what happens when you hit the coast -- besides just having a gorgeous view of this boat and Liza getting shot. Plus, there's the plane to consider. "Fear the Walking Dead 'Flight 462'" is now showing episodes at A survivor from that plane experience is meant to join the cast of Season 2, so does the plane crash into the ocean and the yacht picks up one of the survivors?

"Fear" Season 2 will have 15 episodes and premiere sometime in 2016. Here's AMC's look at Season 2:

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