Celebration Of ABC's TGIT Line-up Presented By Toyota And Co-hosted By ABC And Time Inc.'s Entertainment Weekly, Essence And PeoCelebrities love to call each other out on Twitter, and we can't help but watch the feuding. But the latest example of an online spat (if you could even call it that) between famous people has us scratching our heads over its randomness.

Ellen Pompeo, a.k.a. Meredith Grey, has fired (some pretty tame) shots at Daniel Craig, of all people. Pompeo was responding to Craig's recent remarks about how he'd rather kill himself than play James Bond again, and was apparently appalled.

Pompeo took to Twitter to say so, posting, "This dude needs a reality check" on an article about Craig's comments.

Pompeo later backtracked on that a bit, though. Responding to a fan comment about how the media tends to twist famous people's words, Pompeo agreed, and said that it's happened to her before, too. (Though for the record, Craig's exact words were, "I'd rather break this glass and slash my wrists," when asked if he'd play 007 again. So there's that.)

So what does this all mean? Is Craig going to reply with a snarky comment about Pompeo's 12th season playing the same character on "Grey's Anatomy"? Vanity Fair suggests that Pompeo's potential insecurity about that could indeed have played a part in her (rather mild, really) Twitter outburst.

The world may never know. But at least we can always look back on this date and remember The Most Random "Feud" Ever. At least until another one comes along, anyway -- Twitter is always updating, after all.

[via: Ellen Pompeo, h/t Vanity Fair]

Photo credit: Getty Images