New York Comic-Con 2015 - Day 4Bryan Cranston delivered a masterful performance as Walter White on AMC's "Breaking Bad," adding shades of evil to the mild-mannered chemist as the series progressed until Heisenberg was a full-fledged villain by the time the show wrapped. So it makes sense, then, that he'd want to explore those villainous roots again -- this time, in a big-budget superhero flick.

In an interview with Metro UK, Cranston said he had his eye on a particular cinematic universe.

"You know what I'd like to do? I'd like to do some big superhero villain in some Marvel classic," Cranston told Metro, adding that instead of playing an existing character, he'd like to "Create one from scratch."

"I don't know what I would do," the actor continued, "but it would be nasty."

That sounds pretty awesome to us, and a great opportunity for a screenwriter to pen the perfect part for the actor. Cranston got more specific, though, while appearing at New York Comic Con this weekend, telling a panel that he actually already has a particular baddie in mind: Mister Sinister, a foe from the "X-Men" series. That character has yet to appear onscreen, something Cranston said was important to him.

"It intrigues me to be able to play a character that hasn't been on film before, so you can create it from the beginning," he told the NYCC crowd, which reportedly roared its approval.

We approve, too. Sounds like someone at Fox should give Cranston a call.

[via: Metro UK, IGN]

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