He's back! "Saturday Night Live" this weekend (October 17), and in a series of new promos with Bobby Moynihan, Tracy shows his memory and comedic timing are sharper than ever.

Tracy Morgan: "Hi, I'm Tracy Morgan and I'm hosting Saturday Night Live's season finale this week with musical guest Demi Lovato."

Bobby Moynihan: "Oh, no, Tracy, this is not the season finale."

Tracy: "Oh it will be after I'm done with it."

He also pretends he doesn't remember working there, then laughs and says he's just messing with Bobby:

Tracy: "I remember everything. Yeah, I remember you owe me $72."

Bobby: "Are you sure?

Tracy: "It might've been $78."

Each take is gold. It is good to see him doing so well after that car accident, which took the life of his close friend. We should all keep clapping as much as Bobby, since this easily could've had a much darker ending. Instead, Tracy is going to get everyone in that building pregnant! That's the plan anyway. Watch and love:

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